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First Pitch Football Passing Machine


Machine is new but was used as a display model. 

*Warranty is offered through the manufacturer not TTH Athletics.

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Receivers and kick returners need as much practice as anyone else on the team. Unfortunately, because there are only so many throws a quarterback or coach can get in during a practice and with multiple players to throw to, nobody ever gets as many balls thrown to them as they really want. Time restraints prevent kick returners from fielding nearly enough balls, too!

Then, there is the problem of wearing out the arm of the coach or QB by throwing multiple long balls. The First Pitch Quarterback Football Throwing Machine takes care of both of those things!

Not only can the First Pitch Quarterback throw, but a simple slide adjustment sets it into kicking mode. In throwing mode, the First Pitch Quarterback can launch a perfect spiral up to 80 yards – further than almost any quarterback can throw. It also can boot perfect end over end kicks 80 yards (a coach’s dream). A dial adjustment lets you to set the throw or kick to whatever distance you want. Easy tilt and height adjustment allow you to set the arc and direction, as well.

The First Pitch Quarterback football throwing and kicking machine is simply the best machine of its kind for the money! Made entirely in the USA, the First Pitch Quarterback Football machine is made of steel, featuring twin 1/3 horsepower motors and it is powered by any standard 110 volt electrical outlet. Like all First Pitch machines, it features a 5 Year Warranty

*This is a retail liquidation unit. We do not manufacture this machine and do not provide any additional warranty.

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First Pitch Football Passing Machine


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