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TTH Athletics Base Safety Squat Bar


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Need to squat a lot but don´t want to pay a lot? Our base safety bar offers premium build quality and features for a price that can´t be beat. No more excuses for skipping leg day.

Material: Cold rolled steel

Length: 7′

Tensile strength: 1500 lbs 205,000 PSI

Max Capacity: 1500 lbs

Sleeve Length: 15″

Weight: 44 pounds

Diameter: 1″

Knurling: Diamond

Sleeves: 1500 lbs: 4 needle anti-rust steel bearings and 1 steel brushing. Friction welded.

Closure: Plain snap ring

Finish: Black zinc plated or 4 layer chrome plating

Warranty: 12 months

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TTH Athletics Base Safety Squat Bar